Khan Al Khalili Bazaar, Cairo

Way back in September 2003 I went to Egypt on holiday with my wife – a belated honeymoon. It was one of the best holidays that we have ever been on. I have long been fascinated by the history of Egypt and its pyramids and temples, and this holiday allowed us to see a great deal of it: starting in Cairo and then taking a cruise down the Nile. Although it was a couple of years after the 9/11 attacks, people still weren’t travelling to Egypt, so it was remarkably quiet. This allowed us to take photographs which would normally be impossible due to the crush of tourists.

2003 was a long time before I would get my first digital camera, so I was shooting film. At the time it felt like I burned a lot of film, getting through 10 rolls: developing costs were crippling when I got home. Looking back now though, from the digital perspective, it is amazing how few pictures I took – 360 photos doesn’t feel like a lot any more. Despite the cost, I did have the foresight to get my photos provided on CD, so I am now working on uploading them into Photoshop.

This is Khan al Kalili Bazaar in Cairo on our first day in the city. Expect a lot more Egypt pictures in the future.

Khan Al Kalili bazaar, Cairo.


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