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Political Uncertainty and Voter Anxiety

Warning: I am about to write about politics. I know this is not wise. I will probably regret it. But here goes anyway (I rarely listen to my own good advice) Later this week we are being asked to vote … Continue reading

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God, Politics and Sensationalist Headlines

On Monday Theresa May was all over the news. She’s the Prime Minister, nothing unusual about that. These headlines were troubling however. They basically proclaimed that our Prime Minister’s decisions, specifically over Brexit, are guided by God. I am an … Continue reading

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Election Frustration

So election day has been and gone, and what a depressing event it has turned out to be. I am not very political, but I do try to vote. This gets increasingly frustrating, however, as it becomes more and more … Continue reading

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The Frustration of Blog Stats

Blogs are funny things. Back in January I wrote about not really knowing where my blog was going and, in passing, talked about how it is sometimes surprising which blogs receive the most hits. This has certainly been true this … Continue reading

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Fighting Political Apathy

It may have escaped your attention, but there is a general election coming up. It’s been kept very quiet in the media, there’s been hardly a whisper of it in the news and there’s been very little electioneering from any … Continue reading

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