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The Curse of the Umbrella

Bloody umbrellas, they are a menace. I am not a fan of the umbrella at the best of times. I find that wielders of umbrellas are all too often a) dangerously incompetent at the task, and b) of the exact … Continue reading

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Day 6 – Alpine to Del Rio: Discovering I Don’t Care About the Rain, Bridges and Mall Dining.

Thursday 6 November: “Well”, said Sharon looking out of the hotel window, “the rain is coming straight down, so at least it’s not that windy.” That’s what passes for good news around here at the moment! Of course we were … Continue reading

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Day 5 – El Paso to Big Bend: Cold, Wet Texas, Good Diners and a Change of Plans

Wednesday 5 November: So it turns out that Texas is mostly cold and wet; I wasn’t expecting that. Things didn’t start out too badly. It was a little overcast when we left the hotel, but not too bad. We took … Continue reading

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Cropredy: Wet and Dry

It has been a very musical couple of weeks. I am not normally a prolific gig-goer, but last weekend, hot on the heels of the Gloucester Blues Festival (the long blog of which will be out shortly), I went with … Continue reading

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More Lovely Rain

Here in the south west of the country we reportedly suffered the wettest January since records began in 1910. If anything, things seem to have worsened during February with continued severe flood warnings. I’m afraid I am doing nothing to … Continue reading

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Rainy Spain: the Illustrated Highlights

A short while ago I wrote about the less-than-sunny aspects of my trip to Spain. Although the weather was certainly less than optimal, we had a good time and even saw a bit of sun here and there. I have … Continue reading

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The Rain in Spain…

In “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish“, the fourth book in Douglas Adams’ excellent five-part Hitch-Hiker ‘trilogy’, there is a lorry driver called Rob McKenna, who is described as ‘a miserable bastard’. The reason for his disposition is … Continue reading

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