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Bikes, Bikes, Bikes: Brackley and Cheltenham

It has been a good couple of weeks for Motorbikes. Last weekend was the annual Brackley Festival of Motorcycles, and today was the Cheltenham Festival of Bikes in Cheltenham Town Hall. Both provided a great day out. Advertisements

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Nightlife: A Tale of Two Cities

This week is the Blues Festival week in Gloucester and, as I mentioned in my last blog, it is one of my favourite weeks in Gloucester’s calendar. We are now just over half way through the week and it has, … Continue reading

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Cheltenham and Gloucester: Complementary Drinking Destinations

On Saturday night I went out drinking in Cheltenham. This is not a particularly unusual occurrence: obviously I prefer Gloucester, but I work in Cheltenham and therefore have a lot of friends and colleagues who live in the town, so … Continue reading

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We Need to Stop Squabbling!

Last week I wrote one of my occasional articles for the Citizen, which appeared in the paper yesterday: you can read it here. The Citizen is pretty good: they publish the articles pretty much as I write them with minimum … Continue reading

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Gloucester Safer Than Cheltenham

There is a strange but well-known rivalry between Cheltenham and Gloucester. Cheltonians tend to consider themselves more sophisticated and posher than their Gloucester neighbours and, in their turn, Gloucestrians tend to look upon their Cheltenham neighbours as a bit too … Continue reading

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Gloucester: better than Cheltenham or London?

I went out drinking in Cheltenham on Friday night – it couldn’t be helped, it was with work colleagues and since I work in Cheltenham that is the obvious place to go.   It was a great evening, with a good … Continue reading

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