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Time on my Hands?

Most of my time over the past couple of years has been taken up with writing a book on Gloucester pubs, cunningly titled ‘The Story of Gloucester Pubs’. However, having submitted the first draft of the book at the end … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain

At some point last week I watched the film Transporter 3. This is not a bad film if you are willing to suspend every last shred of disbelief, and if you have seen the films Transporter 1 and Transporter 2 … Continue reading

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A Poor Excuse for Verbosity

Yesterday, you may have noticed, was the 1st of December. This date is meaningful for 2 reasons: it means that Christmas is just around the corner, a point brought home by my first Christmas card of the year arriving on … Continue reading

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This is not a Blog

Right, time to get serious: focus. I have been working on my latest book, The Story of Gloucester Pubs, for months. Years even. And there is still much to do before it is complete. It is distressing that it has … Continue reading

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I’d like to procrastinate, but I keep putting it off

Life has been busy since I last blogged; so busy in fact that I haven’t had time for blogging. It’s a strange anomaly that the less busy you are the more time you have to write about it. And being … Continue reading

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