Have an Accident and Reduce Your Insurance Premium


Picture for illustrative purposes only – my accident was much less messy than this. Picture from https://www.theaa.com/car-insurance/advice/what-to-do-after-a-car-accident

This wasn’t the blog I was expecting to write.

I was expecting to have a good old moan about insurance companies and the cost of insurance in general, but things took an unexpected turn.

I have just renewed my bike insurance and, following an ‘incident’ last year, I was expecting to get gouged, but somehow I ended up saving money.

Who could have predicted that? Continue reading

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Old Wives Tales Aren’t Always Wrong

12479938-toothacheThere are a lot of home remedies and old wives tales out there.

Name an ailment, any ailment, and someone will have a never-fails cure that they heard about from their mother, grandmother, ancient aunt or local witch-doctor – someone with dubious medical qualifications at best.

Of course they are all nonsense. Ridiculous. You’d have to be a fool to put any store in them.

And then you have an ailment and suddenly they seem less ridiculous. It has to be worth a try, right…

Toothache has to be right up there with the ailments that will drive you to such cures, and guess what – I have toothache. Continue reading

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Dry January vs. Tryanuary

Tryanuary-Logo-500x500Happy New Year!

We are well into January now, so it’s probably too late to say that, but this is my first blog of 2018 so give me a break.

How are your New Year resolutions going?

It is that time of year when we make promises to better ourselves, become more healthy and generally improve our lives.

One of the ways people tend to do that is to give up drink for a month in what has recently become known as Dry January. Or more frequently #DryJanuary. Continue reading

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I can’t really explain where this came from, but the idea amused me for some reason….


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Norfolk: Pubs, Windmills and Churches

On our now not-so-recent holiday to Norfolk, one of my favourite places was probably Thurne.

I have blogged previously about my lack of enthusiasm for the Norfolk seaside and my enjoyment of Caister Castle, but now we headed inland to spend a few days in the Norfolk Broads. Continue reading

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In Conference

A short while ago I was shopping in the supermarket with my wife when she sent me off in search of conference pears.

I was disappointed not to find this: Continue reading

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Caister Castle Car Collection

Caister Castle Car Collection

Having spent my last blog moaning about the British Seaside in Norfolk, I am keen to point out that we nonetheless enjoyed our holiday.

The holiday was some time ago now, but as I slowly get around to sorting through my photographs I will post further on our adventures in the ‘far’ East.

This instalment did not get off to an auspicious start – we were just moving on from Hemsby Beach, having recently ‘enjoyed’ the pleasures of Great Yarmouth, and the forecast was for heavy rain.

Luckily, we had spotted signs for Caister Castle Car Collection and thought that might provide a diverting hour or so. Continue reading

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