Pyramids at Saqqara

I have already posted a couple of pictures from my trip to Egypt way back in 2003 (Khan al Khalili and the Sphinx), and with the recent hot, sunny weather I thought it was time for a hot, sunny picture, so where better than Egypt again.

Going to Egypt was a fabulous experience because I had long been interested in the ancient Egyptians and their temples and pyramids. Of course I was excited to see the pyramids at Giza, but even more than that I wanted to see the pyramids at Saqqara.

This is the step pyramid of Djoser from the third dynasty. It is Egypt’s first pyramid and royal complex in stone (Djoser reigned from 2630-2611 B.C., the pyramids at Giza are from the fourth dynasty and the oldest is Khufu’s, who reigned from 2551-2528 B.C.)

Djoser’s pyramid is not only the oldest, but it also represents one of the largest and most complex monuments in Egypt. It is incredible to think of these staggeringly huge and complex monuments being built so long ago and still managing to stay upright today, despite everything we’ve thrown at them over the intervening centuries.

Step Pyramid of King Djos Step Pyramid of King Djos


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2 Responses to Pyramids at Saqqara

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    I loved the Stepped pyramid, one of the better sites 🙂

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