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Political Uncertainty and Voter Anxiety

Warning: I am about to write about politics. I know this is not wise. I will probably regret it. But here goes anyway (I rarely listen to my own good advice) Later this week we are being asked to vote … Continue reading

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Further Adventures in the Van With No Name: Fun with Awnings

Last week we went off on our longest outing yet in The Van With No Name: a week in St Ives. I will blog further about our visit once I have sorted out my photos (which as usual may take … Continue reading

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Beer for Breakfast

It is 9:30 on a Saturday morning and you find yourself in the pub; what are you drinking? Let me clarify: This is not a special occasion such as a wedding, when you may be expected to indulge in a … Continue reading

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Porlock in the Van With No Name, Easter 2017

Last week I blogged about our early adventures in The Van With No Name. The latest of these adventures was a few days in Porlock over Easter. I promised to blog more on the subject, with photos, and now here … Continue reading

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Early Adventures with The Van With No Name

It is now about 6 weeks since we took delivery of The Van With No Name. We had expected that we would have had several weekends away in it by now, but last weekend was only our second trip. The … Continue reading

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Eccentricity and Engineering Genius Alive and Well at Prescott Bike Festival

What possesses a man to look at a supermarket trolley and think “you know what that needs? A jet engine!”? Or to look at the monstrous 8 Litre V10 Viper engine and think “that would be great in a motorcycle”? … Continue reading

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Post Beer Festival Ponderings #2: The Four Stages of a Beer Festival

In my last blog I pondered the changing fashions in beer styles, based on the admittedly limited sample of one beer festival. Fashions for beer styles come and go: light and hoppy one year, dark and rich the next. One … Continue reading

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