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Making it up as you go along

It’s been a long few days. For the past several weeks my mum has been very ill following an unsuccessful cancer operation. As the weekend approached her health deteriorated rapidly and, with my brother and his family, we took turns … Continue reading

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A Memorable Occasion

We recently returned from a very enjoyable holiday to Cornwall in TVWNN*. This holiday was most unusual because the sun shone for most of the time we were away – not something we are used to when we go away … Continue reading

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Gloucester CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2018 – The One That Nearly Got Away!

[This article was written for the Gloucester CAMRA Beer Festival Website] There are some events that mark a milestone in the year: events that you look forward to from one year to the next; events that you plan your life … Continue reading

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Should Craft Beer be more Affordable?

There has been much debate about the price of craft beer recently. Although some craft beer is undoubtedly very good, I generally don’t tend to concern myself with it too much. The whole concept of craft beer seems to me … Continue reading

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Have an Accident and Reduce Your Insurance Premium

This wasn’t the blog I was expecting to write. I was expecting to have a good old moan about insurance companies and the cost of insurance in general, but things took an unexpected turn. I have just renewed my bike … Continue reading

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Old Wives Tales Aren’t Always Wrong

There are a lot of home remedies and old wives tales out there. Name an ailment, any ailment, and someone will have a never-fails cure that they heard about from their mother, grandmother, ancient aunt or local witch-doctor – someone … Continue reading

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Dry January vs. Tryanuary

Happy New Year! We are well into January now, so it’s probably too late to say that, but this is my first blog of 2018 so give me a break. How are your New Year resolutions going? It is that … Continue reading

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