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Goodbye to the Gloucester Citizen

This week sees the demise of the Gloucester Citizen as a daily newspaper. It will move to a new weekly publication from 12 October. It will retain its on-line presence, but nonetheless this is a sad day for a Gloucester … Continue reading

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A Less Than Optimal Time to be Sick

No one likes being sick. Well, there may be the odd (in all senses of the word) hypochondriac who enjoys it, but among normal people, no one like being sick. However, if you have to be sick I suggest that … Continue reading

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The Joy of Being Tall at Concerts

I am reasonably tall. Being around 6′ 2″ I am not freakishly tall, but nonetheless I am taller than average in a crowd at, oh let’s say for example, a music concert. Most people, especially those of more diminutive stature, … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Umbrella

Bloody umbrellas, they are a menace. I am not a fan of the umbrella at the best of times. I find that wielders of umbrellas are all too often a) dangerously incompetent at the task, and b) of the exact … Continue reading

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Wet Weekend Blues

People familiar with my increasingly sporadic blog will know that at this time of year I am usually busily waxing lyrical about the annual Gloucester Rhythm & Blues Festival (see last year here and here) This year, however, I have … Continue reading

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Political Uncertainty and Voter Anxiety

Warning: I am about to write about politics. I know this is not wise. I will probably regret it. But here goes anyway (I rarely listen to my own good advice) Later this week we are being asked to vote … Continue reading

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Further Adventures in the Van With No Name: Fun with Awnings

Last week we went off on our longest outing yet in The Van With No Name: a week in St Ives. I will blog further about our visit once I have sorted out my photos (which as usual may take … Continue reading

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