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Back in the Day I Never Got Annoyed by Silly Expressions

On occasion I have been known to use the expression “back in the day”. I think that “back in the day” is a perfectly reasonable expression. It evokes a feeling of an undefined time in the past when you were … Continue reading

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Glasses and Other Dangerous Weapons

There was a story in the Citizen yesterday about a chap who had a glass thrown into his face at the pub, leaving him with a two-inch scar. So far, so depressing. The perpetrator of this act of violence, full … Continue reading

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The Pub Rules

As the Gloucester Blues Festival draws nearer (27 July-4 August) I thought it worth re-posting this blog from August 2010 as a timely caution to those blues fans who are not frequent pub visitors. ————————————- It will probably not come … Continue reading

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Parking Charges Slashed

Great news this week: parking fees have been slashed in council car parks in the city. People are always whinging about parking fees and, I must admit, in the past I have been among them. However, of late, I thought … Continue reading

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Rampaging Idiots

It has been a depressing few days for the country as we watch mindless yobs running amok throughout our cities pillaging, looting and vandalising with impunity. It has been like watching the opening scenes of one of those dystopian, post-apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Ford Service?

Last year I bought a new car. This was a very opulent thing to do: I have never owned a new car before. Buying a new car costs an awful lot of money, but at least once you’ve got it … Continue reading

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The Myth of Man Flu

This is my first blog of 2011, so let me begin by wishing all of my loyal readers a Happy New Year. I hope you both had a good Christmas and that Santa brought everything that such discerning people would … Continue reading

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