I can’t really explain where this came from, but the idea amused me for some reason….


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Norfolk: Pubs, Windmills and Churches

On our now not-so-recent holiday to Norfolk, one of my favourite places was probably Thurne.

I have blogged previously about my lack of enthusiasm for the Norfolk seaside and my enjoyment of Caister Castle, but now we headed inland to spend a few days in the Norfolk Broads. Continue reading

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In Conference

A short while ago I was shopping in the supermarket with my wife when she sent me off in search of conference pears.

I was disappointed not to find this: Continue reading

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Caister Castle Car Collection

Caister Castle Car Collection

Having spent my last blog moaning about the British Seaside in Norfolk, I am keen to point out that we nonetheless enjoyed our holiday.

The holiday was some time ago now, but as I slowly get around to sorting through my photographs I will post further on our adventures in the ‘far’ East.

This instalment did not get off to an auspicious start – we were just moving on from Hemsby Beach, having recently ‘enjoyed’ the pleasures of Great Yarmouth, and the forecast was for heavy rain.

Luckily, we had spotted signs for Caister Castle Car Collection and thought that might provide a diverting hour or so. Continue reading

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Seaside Holiday Amusements

Lowestoft Pier

A grey day in Lowestoft

For our summer holiday this year we took The Van With No Name to Norfolk.

The joy of having the van is that we could be nomadic and see a variety of different aspects of the county. One of those aspects was the Great British seaside.

I have to say, on the whole, we were distinctly underwhelmed.

I appreciate that there are those that love the British seaside, and this blog may come across as snobby and curmudgeonly. If so I apologise, but I’m going to risk it anyway. Continue reading

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Goodbye to the Gloucester Citizen


Citizen Offices, St John’s Lane, 2006

This week sees the demise of the Gloucester Citizen as a daily newspaper. It will move to a new weekly publication from 12 October. It will retain its on-line presence, but nonetheless this is a sad day for a Gloucester institution which can trace its origins back almost 300 years to the Gloucester Journal.

Continue reading

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A Less Than Optimal Time to be Sick

No one likes being sick.

Well, there may be the odd (in all senses of the word) hypochondriac who enjoys it, but among normal people, no one like being sick.

However, if you have to be sick I suggest that there are a few conditions that you would insist on to make the ordeal less gruelling:

  1. Ready access to a clean toilet; preferably your own.
  2. A nice comfy bed to lay about in feeling sorry for yourself.
  3. Peace and quiet to aid in recuperation.
  4. And, unless you are self employed, it is always a bonus if it happens on a work/ school day.

Based on these simple criteria, I would suggest that we would rule out a weekend at a music festival as the optimal time to be sick. Continue reading

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