Wales 2016: Aberaeron and New Quay

IMG_5923_edited-2Last year we visited New Quay in the hope of seeing some dolphins, but the dolphins had other ideas and made themselves scarce.

Hoping for better luck this time, we decided to head south down the coast and just see what we could see.

The first place we came to was Aberaeron; a small town with a picturesque harbour that kept us busy for some time taking photographs.

The weather was beautifully sunny and, out of the wind, lovely and warm: t-shirt weather.

We spent a pleasant couple of hours and had lunch before heading further south.

We really enjoyed our weekend in New Quay last year, despite the absence of dolphins, so decided to go back.

Walking along the harbour wall I noticed some dolphin watchers, so stopped to ask how they were getting on. They were volunteers who, in shifts, keep watch throughout the day to monitor the dolphins. Apparently there were a number of them around in the bay.

The dolphin watchers were very friendly and more than happy to chat. They also had their eyes well tuned in to spotting dolphin activity and frequently pointed them out as they broke the surface. Apparently it is possible to identify individual dolphins from the shape of their dorsal fins if they are close enough, but today they were keeping their distance.

We are happy that we did actually see a couple of dolphins, albeit fleetingly and at a great distance.

To be honest, though, we didn’t really care: sitting on the harbour wall, in the sun, just looking out at the ocean, was a superb way to spend some time.


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