Wales 2016: Aberystwyth

P1050427_edited-2In my last instalment on our recent Welsh holiday I said the weather had been kind to us. That doesn’t mean that it was all wall to wall sunshine.

We arrived, via Elan Valley, on the Saturday and on Sunday it rained.

In fact, the weather forecast that I had seen prophesised torrential rain of near biblical proportions, but as it turned out it wasn’t that bad. It was pretty wet and miserable though.

But we didn’t mind.

Glan Leri had been fitted with a new log burner since our last visit and this was our perfect opportunity to try it out.

We got up late, lounged about a bit, and then braved the elements for the short walk to the nearby Black Lion for an excellent Sunday lunch.

We took our time savouring three courses and several beers before heading back, picking up the Sunday papers on route. We spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Sometimes bad weather can be just what you need!

The following day was Bank Holiday Monday, so of course it rained.

We headed into Aberystwyth and had a look around the shops. We drank tea and ate cake. And then the sun came out.

When we visited Aberystwyth last year it was, in accordance with Sod’s Law, the one day of the year that the Funicular railway was out of action for maintenance. This time we were luckier and took the easy way to the top of the cliff.

The railway makes life a lot easier, but you appreciate the excellent food and beer at the top just that little bit less. A sacrifice I was more than happy to make.


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