Prescott Bike Festival 2016

IMG_5643_edited-1Last weekend saw one of my highlight motorcycle events of the year – the Prescott Bike Festival at Prescott Hill Climb near Gothrington in the Cotswolds.

This was the sixth annual Prescott Bike Festival. It is organised by Severn Freewheelers, the local Blood Bike Group. Its aim is to raise awareness of, and funds for, the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes.

The Blood Bike service is a charitable organisation run entirely by volunteers. Blood bikers give up their own time to provide an out of hours service to deliver vital supplies for the NHS – a very worthy cause.

Worthy cause aside, the bike festival itself is a great day out.

The event includes a number of trade stands, food stands and live music, but the main attraction for the day is a steady stream of people ‘running the hill’. For a fee, numerous brave and/ or crazy people bring their own machines and run them up the famous, twisty, Prescott Hill Climb hill.

Some of the people running the hill are serious racers on tricked out bikes designed for the occasion; others are just there to have some fun on their regular bikes.

There are new bikes and old bikes; sports bikes and cruisers; old riders and young riders.

There are eccentrics that turn up for charity, such as the ukulele playing George  Shuttleworth.

There are engineering geniuses such as Allen Millyard, who brought along a selection of his brilliantly mad engineering creations including the Flying Millyard, a 5 litre V-Twin made from two cylinders from a Pratt and Whitney 1340 aircraft engine; the eight Litre V10 Viper; and on a smaller scale a V-Twin SS100 build from two SS50 engines.

And there is the downright strange, including several monowheels and a rocket powered shopping trolley.

All of that and the sun shone too.


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