Weekend in New Quay

P1030717I’ve recently been sorting through some photographs and discovered that, although I blogged at length about our week in Talybont in Wales last September (see here, here and here), I had totally failed to mention our weekend in New Quay in July.

Since I have now sorted out the photos, it seems long overdue that I put that right.

Firstly, for clarity, I need to explain that I am talking about New Quay in Ceredigion, Wales – on Cardigan Bay just a few miles south of Talybont – NOT Newquay in Cornwall. Last year was a year of Welsh holidays.

As with our trip to Talybont, this was an excuse to get out on our motorcycles. However, the weather didn’t do us any favours and the trip out was somewhat damp. In fact, early on, it was positively wet, but it improved as the day went on.

It was dry by the time we arrived in New Quay, albeit still overcast, and we easily found our B&B for the weekend: The Black Lion.

I can recommend the Black Lion. It is at the top of the small town – and I use the word top advisedly, as it is a bit of a steep climb up from the harbour and the few shops.

One of the main reasons for us choosing New Quay for a short break was the opportunity for dolphin watching, so our first stop was to book ourselves on a trip for the following day. We chose a company called SeaMor because they use marine biologists as guides.

Apparently the UK’s biggest pod of dolphins lives in Cardigan Bay, and as we wandered around the town numerous people told us about the wonderful displays they had been putting on over the past few days; displays easily visible from the harbour. We were therefore excited about our boat trip the following morning, but meanwhile enjoyed a wander around the town taking photos, eating and drinking.

The forecast for the next day was not good, so we dressed warmly in motorcycle waterproofs and headed for the boat trip – which was cancelled.

There may – or may not – be a trip around lunchtime depending on the weather and whether there were any other hardy souls who wanted to venture out. We therefore wandered about some more, roasting in our waterproofs as the weather gradually improved.

Eventually the trip was on.

Unfortunately, the dolphins didn’t get the memo: there was not a single one to be seen on the whole trip. Typical!

Nonetheless, being with marine biologists meant they were able to tell us about the birds and other sea life that we saw – including whatever they had managed to catch in their lobster pots, which included a sea spider, a spider crab and a rather impressive dogfish.

Dolphins or not, I recommend a trip.

After the trip, as the weather continued to improve, we were able to shed our waterproofs and enjoy some more photography, eating and drinking – including a pub crawl around every pub in the town. All three of them.

The next day was gloriously sunny, so we took a last wander around before heading for home.

With the much improved weather we were able to take a detour on the way home via the extremely picturesque A4069 through the Black Mountains. If you ride a motorcycle, this is definitely a road you need to ride!

So, all in all a great weekend. I have become a great fan of Welsh holidays – so much so we are off back to Glan Leri in Talybont again later this year. Fingers crossed that our relatively good luck with the weather continues.


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