The Flying Millyard

Whilst trying to catch up with my backlog of photographs I came across some pictures from this year’s Prescott Bike Festival way back in April.

The Prescott Bike Festival is a superb annual event which raises money for Severn Freewheelers, the charitable organisation that provides the blood bike service for the area. Normally I take hundreds of photographs and bore you with them in a timely fashion – you can see last year’s pictures here.

This year, however, I helped out manning the RoSPA stand at the event, trying to encourage people to take advanced motorcycle training (I really do recommend it for anyone on two wheels with a little experience behind them), consequently I didn’t get to take many pictures.

I did, however, manage to get a snap of the Flying Millyard as it prepared for a run up the hill.

The Flying Millyard is an unusual and unique motorcycle. It was built by British engineer Allen Millyard and is a 5 litre V-twin made out of two cylinders from a Pratt and Whitney 1340 radial aeroplane engine.

Some people just have too much engineering talent and imagination!

Flying Millyard


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