Attention to Detail

Glan Leri holiday cottage, Talybont

Glan Leri holiday cottage, Talybont

As I continue to sort through my gazillions of holiday photos I thought that I would take the opportunity to talk about our accommodation for our recent week in Wales.

Normally when we go away we stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast, but this time we stayed in a cottage, and very nice it was too.

The great benefit of a cottage is that it is a home away from home – you can relax in a way that you don’t in a hotel.

The cottage is in a village called Talybont near Aberystwyth and is called Glan Leri. It sits on the banks of the River Leri, which runs behind the cottage – Glan Leri means ‘on the bank on the Leri’. It was originally one of eight woollen mills in the small village.

The building was badly flooded in June 2012 and has undergone significant restoration – you can see how bad the floods were on this YouTube clip.

Glan Leri is now beautifully furbished and decorated and, as it is yours for the duration of your stay, you can come and go as you please. Unlike hotels, there is no concern about when the cleaning staff will be around.

You also have a full cottage to relax in, not just a bedroom, so after a hard day’s sightseeing you can settle onto the sofa, put your feet up and watch the telly in comfort.

Inside Glan Leri

Inside Glan Leri

There is also a fully equipped kitchen, so if you wish you can cook your own food, although as there are two pubs within a few hundred yards I didn’t see much point in that!

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Glan Leri in the foreground looking toward not one, but two pubs just yards away.

Glan Leri in the foreground looking toward not one, but two pubs just yards away.

The cottage is beautifully and tastefully furnished, but the thing that really struck me was the remarkable attention to detail. Let me give you an example.

As well as the en-suite bathrooms available to both bedrooms (with a shower so good I thought I was going to spend the whole week in it!) there is a downstairs bathroom.

The bathroom has slate floor tiles and stylish white tiles on the wall. The main focal point is a beautiful white roll-top bath with chrome feet. The monochrome feel of the room is accented with bright, warm purple: the wall behind the bath is purple, there are purple towels, a purple blind and the stylish bath mat is purple. Even the hand soap on the sink is purple. And when you flush the toilet, the water is purple. Now that is attention to detail!

The bathroom

So I’m sold, renting a cottage definitely seems to be the way forward for holidays from now on!

I apologise if this sounds like an advert, but I was so impressed with the cottage I can’t help but wax lyrical – if you want to know more you can look it up here


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5 Responses to Attention to Detail

  1. Jane Moore says:

    Often rent cottages, in France too, especially good value out of season

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      That may be a plan for future years when we fancy going a bit further afield on the bikes. Somewhere near a vineyard, obviously!

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