Confounding Weather Expectations

Not so sunny Spain

Not so sunny Spain

I have long suspected that I am jinxed when it comes to holiday weather.

Whenever we plan to go somewhere nice and hot and sunny for some much needed R&R it almost inevitably rains.

Let me give you just a couple of examples.

A few years ago the British summer was, as is all too often the case, dismal. My wife has relatives who live in Spain and for weeks they had been tormenting us with FaceBook posts alternately complaining about the stifling heat in the high 30s centigrade and gloating about whether to take a dip in the pool late into the evening when the temperature was still hot and balmy.

We decided we were going to get us some of that, so we booked an EasyJet flight, threw some shorts and t-shirts into a suitcase and headed out for a week.

Needless to say it pissed down the whole week in a most unseasonal way.

And then last year we went off on a trip of a lifetime to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles across America.

We flew into Los Angeles, where the weather is always warm and sunny. In fact it was (and still is) badly beset by drought; obviously no chance of rain there.

But when we arrived it was overcast and cool. The day we picked the bikes up it rained. When we set off on our adventure we had to alter our plans because our planned route over the mountains was impassable due to snow! And the rain continued to follow us across Texas. What are the chances of that happening?

Not so sunny Texas

Not so sunny Texas

Even when things haven’t been that extreme, we have still found ourselves in places like Greece and Turkey where the temperature has been unusually cool, so you can see why I might feel jinxed.

But maybe things aren’t that straightforward.

For the past week we have been on holiday in Wales. September in Wales: it’s bound to rain, right? Especially as we were planning to spend the week motorcycling. We were clearly asking for trouble.

But wait a minute: the weather was superb! Warm and sunny with lovely blue skies. It could hardly have been better.

Lovely sunny Wales

Lovely sunny Wales

So rather than being jinxed my theory now is that wherever we go we simply confound weather expectations.

The plan now is to holiday in traditionally cold, wet places.

Meanwhile, if any drought struck countries would like to pay us to visit I’m sure that we can come to some arrangement.

I will be dedicating some posts to my holiday experiences and photographs shortly, once I’ve had chance to sort through the 50 gazillion photographs.


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3 Responses to Confounding Weather Expectations

  1. Anita says:

    It rains every time we arrive at any “hot” destination. Mexico, Sorrento, Rome. You name it, we have been drenched to our very bones there. And when this happens, the locals/staff make much of assuring us that it must be freak weather and they have never seen anything like it. I have reached the conclusion that these places are not “hot” at all. It is all just a ruse to get you there. Once you are in, it is too late. In Rome they even had the cheek to hang around trying to sell us umbrellas! Stick to sunny old Gloucester, our kid.🌞

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