Bikes, Bikes, Bikes: Brackley and Cheltenham

It has been a good couple of weeks for Motorbikes.

Last weekend was the annual Brackley Festival of Motorcycles, and today was the Cheltenham Festival of Bikes in Cheltenham Town Hall. Both provided a great day out.

This was the third year that we have been to Brackley and it was bigger than ever. As well as meeting up with our usual group of friends, we rode down with a couple of guys who hadn’t been before.

The weather was warm and sunny and the ride to Brackley through the Cotswolds was superb. We parked up and walked through the event field out onto the high street which, as usual, was closed for the event to allow bikes to ‘parade’ around the street. As you walk out of the field the sound of high revving motorcycles hits you like a wave and our friend Rob summed it up nicely when he said “holy shit, this is awesome: how have I not been here before!”

I have said pretty much all of there is to say about the event in my blogs from previous years here and here, but this year there were noticeably more people and also more and larger trade stands. The event is going from strength to strength and quite deservedly so.

Then today we were in Cheltenham for the Festival of Bikes, which is somehow associated with the Kickback events that we have attended previously (see here and here).

The Kickback events tend to be quite small and are all the better for it: fewer bikes, but of high quality and you can get up close and appreciate them fully. However, even by those standards Cheltenham Town Hall is very small for a motorcycle event. Consequently, there were not a huge number of bikes, but they were beautifully shown off in the splendour of the Regency building.

Despite the fact that the weather started off pretty dismally and moved on to a full-on monsoon, the hall was packed when it opened at 1100.

It only took an hour or two to walk around and see everything at a leisurely pace, so if I had travelled far I may have been disappointed, but since it is pretty much on our doorstep it was a fantastic event and I hope it will be back next year.

Brackley Festival of Motorcycling:

Cheltenham Festival of Bikes:


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