On the Party Circuit

For those who didn’t read my last blog (Review of December) I’ll take this second chance to wish you a Happy New Year.

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year: I’m pleased to say that I certainly did, and for fear of getting too soppy and sentimental I have to say that this was largely down to the fact that we have a lot of very good friends.

Some time ago, my life took a turn which meant that I lost touch with many of my friends. Eventually I caught up with them again and they welcomed me back into the fold without rebuke or recrimination, but I still only saw them occasionally.

These friends are creatures of habit and they meet every Wednesday in the local pub, but I never went.

Then a couple of years ago my wife decided that we should go along.

I knew some of the crowd there, but there were many others who I didn’t know. Within a couple of visits, however, my wife knew them all. Gradually we got to know them better and things haven’t looked back since: now we are fully fledged members of the group and on the ‘party circuit’.

And despite our advancing years, this is a crowd who know how to party.

So for the past couple of years life has been a blast: parties, music festivals, camping trips, bike rides and late nights drinking in Gloucester have all become common place.

Meanwhile, we have some other very good friends: two couples with whom I have stayed in touch over the years and we do a lot together – not least our recent trip across the US.

In short, we are blessed with good friends.

And this Christmas and New Year they have all come together.

We partied on Christmas Eve, we partied on New Year’s Eve (fancy dress) and, in case that wasn’t enough, we partied on the following Saturday to celebrate two birthdays.

Much drink was drunk, many snacks were eaten and much nonsense was talked.

So here’s to another year filled with good friends and partying

Have a great 2015!


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