The Adventure Ends – Heading for Home

Sunday 16 November:

We awoke from our final night in a hotel bed.

Before going to bed last night we had sorted out our packing utilising our new bag, and it is full. It also weighs a ton. I have no idea where all of this stuff has come from as, just yesterday, it all fitted onto a motorbike. A pair of cowboy boots can’t possibly account for this vast disparity, so I have developed a theory that luggage always expands to fill available space. When we got to the lobby after breakfast it became apparent that we weren’t the only ones with this problem, although ours seemed to be worst.

The thing about the last day on holiday is that no-one really knows what to do and we hadn’t planned anything. By the time we were ready it was far too late to do any Disney stuff, and I didn’t have much enthusiasm for that anyway.

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day, but we didn’t know what to do with it, so ended up heading to yet another mall. It got me reflecting that in the UK, in, say, Cornwall, where it rains a good percentage of the time, most of the entertainment is outdoors. Here, where it is almost always warm and sunny, most of your options appear to be in air conditioned malls.

And there certainly are some malls in Florida: we could spend the rest of our lives here and still not have time to visit them all. Florida should be a beautiful place, and I am sure that parts of it are, but all that we saw were big ugly roads with big ugly shopping malls everywhere. It seems to me that in the towns and cities the U.S. is especially good at hiding their beautiful scenery by either concreting over it, or taming it entirely so it is manicured within an inch of its life.

Anyway, we got to the mall and found that everything was shut. Nothing opens before 1100 on Sunday apparently. At another mall we found hordes of little girls in a preponderance of pink excitedly queuing up for the opening of a new store which I can’t remember the name of but was obviously the next big pre-teen thing. Here at least we found a Starbucks that was open and, thankfully, far away from the excitable children.

If in doubt: eat, so we found our way to another franchise eatery called Logan’s Roadhouse, which, as with so many others, turned out to be superb. I had meatloaf and it was such a huge portion I had to admit defeat, but it was delicious.

Over-fed we headed to a flea market, which had been the subject of much impressive advertising, but turned out to be a dowdy place full of tat, so we headed to the airport where we killed time until out flight which boarded at 6pm – 11pm UK time.

And so that was it, holiday over. Time to start planning the next big adventure.


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