USA Deliverance Ride 2014: The Prologue

You may recall (but probably don’t) that way back in March I blogged about a forthcoming adventure to ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles coast-to-coast across America.

It is christened the Deliverance Ride; partly because the aim is to deliver bikes from Los Angeles to Orlando ready for Daytona Race week (as explained in the earlier blog), and partly because we will be riding through the far southern states of the USA: Deliverance territory.

Well, it has finally happened!

I wanted to blog about it more: to tell you all about planning and to post a blog day-by-day as the adventure unfolded, but I was prevented from doing so by a sense of paranoia: although I know that all of my readers are highly trustworthy, lovely people, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t and may infiltrate your ranks. I didn’t want to tell them that I was going to be away from home for a couple of weeks so that they could come around and rob my house at their leisure.

So I came to a compromise: I blogged day-by-day, but didn’t publish.

Now that I’m home, I will tidy up my ramblings where necessary, add photos and publish them daily. It will be like a live blog, but with a time delay.

My first blog will be tomorrow – this is just a prologue

As is the nature of such events, planned well in advance, the adventure seemed like it was a long way off – right up until the time that it wasn’t. Suddenly it was upon us and I felt totally unprepared!

I refer to it as an adventure because ‘trip’ doesn’t do it justice and I was under no illusion that it was going to be a holiday. And adventures need to be prepared for.

We were embarking on the adventure with four friends: Andy and Jane, who came up with the idea in the first place and were riding separate bikes, and Paul and Kate who, like us were going on one bike, with Kate riding pillion.

Hadrian V-Twin LogoTo some degree the ride was being organised through Hadrian V-Twin Motorcycle Tours, who Andy and Jane had previously travelled Route 66 with. They were doing all of the logistics of bike rental and, if we wished, we could ride with them. This would mean they would plan the route and decide on hotels which we could pre-book through them. This would be the easier and most sensible option.

Obviously we weren’t going to do that then!

We all had a planning meeting at Paul and Kate’s house a few weeks before the trip to agree what route we wanted to take.

There was an option to take the direct route, which is roughly 2500 miles and sticks to freeways and interstates: that didn’t sound like much fun.

We therefore came up with an alternative that followed first the Mexican border and then the Gulf of Mexico before crossing the Florida panhandle to the Atlantic coast and on to Orlando. To make life a little more interesting we also threw in an additional 300 miles to take in Big Bend National Park in west Texas. Our route was closer to 3300 miles.

Route Map

This would have been a more direct route

Our route converged with the main group in places, where we aimed to meet up with them and ride with them for some of the way, but for the rest of the time we were on our own.

We booked a few nights accommodation where we thought it may be difficult, but for the most part we decided to leave ourselves with the flexibility to make it up as we went along.

So far so good with the planning, but there were other preparations to be thought about. Not least, I have never ridden such long distances before, so I was supposed to spend the summer building up my stamina. I totally failed in this objective.

We also needed to have the right gear to take with us: suitable luggage and appropriate riding gear for hot or cold weather, as we could have both. All of this ended up being last minute internet purchases. I bought a Go-Pro just a week or two before we left, so had virtually no idea how to use it. We didn’t even have helmets; we’d just have to buy them when we arrived.

There is nothing like winging it!

But, prepared or not, the big day was finally upon us.

Tune in tomorrow for the first proper instalment of our big adventure….

For an alternative (and less verbose) take on the trip, check out Andy’s blog at


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5 Responses to USA Deliverance Ride 2014: The Prologue

  1. janh1 says:

    Oh come on, I’m going to stick with verbose. I don’t want a summary, I want it warts, wonky Go-Pro pics and all! 🙂

    PS Isn’t the Prologue supposed to start with “Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote, the roghte of Marche hath perced to the roote..” ?

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