Beer, Tanks & Explosives

Just your regular farm vehicle

Just your regular farm vehicle

More catching up on adventures past…

Last month I was invited along on a trip with Gloucester CAMRA as a thank you for helping out with the beer festival back in April. The trip was to Ordnance City Brewery in Somerset.

Brewery trips are always enjoyable: once you’ve seen a few breweries you’ve seen them all really, but it is nice to meet with the brewers and, of course, sample their wares.

Ordnance City, however, is very different.

Not the only danger of death: tread carefully!

Not the only danger of death: tread carefully!

I had heard tales of the brewery as there had been a previous trip out there which I hadn’t gone on. The main difference is that this brewery is a side-line of Event Horizon, an organisation of explosive technicians who, among other things, provide special effects for the film industry.

You could tell it was going to be a different brewery experience as soon as we arrived: the brewery is on a farm and parked around the farmyard were three armoured vehicles. Scattered around were empty shells and ammunition cases.

We were briefly introduced to the owners and the all important barn with 4 barrels of beer ready for us to help ourselves to. The committee set about laying out a huge trestle table with food as the rest of us milled about, chatting.

There wasn’t even a pretence at a brewery tour; instead the all important question: does anyone want to go for a ride in a tank?

Our limousine awaits...

Our limousine awaits…

...the well-appointed interior

…the well-appointed interior

We were split up into groups of five and given a very interesting talk about the work of Event Horizon, including some inside info on their work on films and a chance to handle some of their ‘toys’.

Then to the armoured vehicle. It wasn’t reassuring to hear one of the staff say that the field had been booby trapped ready for filming later and they hoped that the guy driving the vehicle knew where they were! It didn’t put us off though.

The driver clearly enjoyed the opportunity to take the vehicle for a spin. He drove like a madman, ploughing up the grass field with the caterpillar tracks and, at one point, driving through a pen of nonplussed pigs.

The pigs seemed to take it all in their stride.

The pigs seemed to take it all in their stride.

It wasn’t the most comfortable driving experience, but it was a lot of fun.

All in all an excellent trip – I’ll certainly have my name down if they do it again!

The empties

The empties


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