Crucible 2: The Cathedral becomes an Art Gallery Once More

Crucible 2: "Mitochondrial Eve" Sue Freeborough

Crucible 2: “Mitochondrial Eve” Sue Freeborough

Gloucester Cathedral is a magnificent building. It is always worth a visit even if, like me, you have no interest in religion. At the moment, a visit is even more worthwhile because it is paying host to a sculpture exhibition, Crucible 2.

The original Crucible exhibition took place in 2010 and was magnificent. It was also a great success, attracting 136,000 visitors to see over 70 works of art. It is no surprise, then, that it was decided to repeat the experience.

That was easier said than done: it took two years of planning, but Crucible 2 finally opened on 1 September and is running through to the end of October.

And this time it is even bigger and better with 100 works of art by 61 artists.

Some of the pieces are small, some huge; some traditional, some contemporary; some beautiful, some challenging and some just down-right weird. But the sum of the parts is magnificent: give yourself plenty of time to seek them all out.

For some reason, back in 2010 I didn’t share many of my photographs (there are a few here). This time I’m making up for it: pictures can’t really do justice to the original art, but here is a selection from the several hundred photos that I took.


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