Gloucester Paint Jam 2014

P1010440As if the Gloucester Blues Festival was not enough entertainment for the weekend (did I mention that it was awesome by the way?), last weekend the first Paint Jam was organised in the city – those Marketing Gloucester folks like to keep themselves busy!

This was a superb event, with street artists flocking from all over to showcase their work: some on temporary boards erected in King’s Square, some on buildings around the city which have been offered up for the cause.

I took a walk around on Saturday and it is fascinating to watch the art work take shape in its early stages. Unfortunately, half way through the afternoon it rained.

Did I say rained? That’s a bit like saying there was a bit of drizzle when Noah launched his boat: what happened was more akin to a monsoon.

In most cases the art work survived, but some got washed away, which must be very dispiriting. All the artists then also had to manage with wet boards/ walls for a while until things dried out, which probably slowed them down a bit.

Nonetheless, when I returned on Sunday lunch time, prior to a bit of blues, it was amazing to see how much progress had been made. These guys don’t hang about.

I didn’t manage to get back for the end of the day and see the finished product, but luckily it will be around for a while to give everyone the chance to see it: the boards will be in King’s Square for the next month and the artwork on the buildings will be there for a year.

It certainly brightens the place up a bit, here’s just a small glimpse at some of the amazing works.



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4 Responses to Gloucester Paint Jam 2014

  1. It sounds as though you were stalking me over the weekend, Paint Jam, Gloucester Rhythm & Blues Festival 2015, all good stuff and it’s nice to see a little culture about the place, at long last.
    I did remark to my 23 year old daughter that if we, as kids, had of decorated the streets with spray paint we would have been clipped around the ear or worse still arrested by the “old Bill”. How times change!

  2. Darrel Kirby says:

    A great weekend wasn’t it! And I agree that it is good to see things like this happening in the city: Marketing Gloucester deserve a lot of credit for having the vision to make it happen.
    I also agree that graffiti as a legitimate at form is a strange recent phenomenon – I guess that it is mostly due to Banksy, but there are a lot of talented artists out there and it was a treat to get the opportunity to see them doing their thing.

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