Cassington Bike Night 2014

P1010021Since getting back into motorcycling a few years ago I have enjoyed going out to the regular Wednesday bike nights that take place around the county when I can. The best bike night, however, and one that I haven’t missed yet, is Cassington.

Cassington Bike Night is an annual event, taking place on the last Monday in June in the village of Cassington near Oxford.

Although I have only been three times, the event has been run for almost 30 years, and is now run by the village itself as an unorthodox way to raising funds for the local primary school and playgroup.

P1010026The event is very relaxed. The roads are shut to all vehicles except motorcycles and, as you turn off the A40 to snake through the village, it is wise to ride very carefully as you are under the watchful eye of thousands of other bikers – you definitely don’t want to drop your bike here!

All sorts of people turn up at Cassington from superbikes to cruisers to old British machines. People just mill about looking at the huge bike show provided by all of those who turn up – they estimate that over 10,000 bikes descend on the village during the evening.

Food is provided by both concession vans and a stall run by the school, with the children helping out. There are a few trade stalls and, along the street itself, there are a number of what I presume to be club groups as this is where the old British stuff tends to be. As I never get there until gone 7pm, we are always parked at the back of a huge playing field at the back of the village.

So a great night to relax with like minded people, see some great bikes which are actually ridden on the road, not just trailered in, and a welcome excuse to get the bike out on a nice sunny Monday evening.


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5 Responses to Cassington Bike Night 2014

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  2. Babsandarty says:

    Cassington sounds like one for the diary. What a great fund raiser for the local community and positive image for the biking fraternity.

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