Is It Spring Yet?

This gopher appears to be emerging from his hole and testing the weather – is it spring yet?

I won’t let the fact that the picture was taken in September (at the Cotswold Wildlife Park in 2010) get in the way of a good narrative.



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2 Responses to Is It Spring Yet?

  1. Jane Moore says:

    It is SPRING! Loving it. Divided snowdrops in my own garden and spread three lots given to friends and one for myself. Three bunches of daffodils from tescos, sainsburys, and local green grocer have been gracing my kitchen windowsill for almost a month. So cheerful! Yay!

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      Spring has clearly sprung for you – we have spring flowers in our garden, but we need to clear the surrounding jungle a bit before we can enjoy them!

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