The Sun is Out…

After such a wet and miserable winter it is great to see the sun out again over the past couple of weekends – I’d almost forgotten what it looked like.

Of course, with the improving weather the bikes have been out again too.

I don’t like to consider myself too much of a fair weather biker – after all, when I test rode my current bike it was snowing – but I don’t get much pleasure from riding in the rain. So, unlike last winter when it was cold and dry and I was riding pretty much all year, this winter I haven’t done very many miles at all.

But this weekend, not only was I out on the bike, but it was warm enough for the Draggin Jeans: lovely.

My wife has also been out on her bike. Having only recently passed her test, the enforced lay-off over winter has affected her confidence a little, but she is quickly getting back into the swing of things and I confidently predict that a few more weekends like this and she’ll be in her element.

We haven’t done a great deal of mileage over the past couple of weekends, partly because of my wife having to build her confidence, but also because the good weather brings with it other chores, like gardening. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

So today after an hour or two out on the bikes we got home and knuckled down to taming the jungle that we call a garden.

Lawns were cut, weeds were pulled, borders were dug and plants were planted.

We soon had enough of that and, after a few hours, my wife said those magic words: “I propose that we call it a day and go to the pub”.

And so we did, and a pleasant hour it was, sat in the pub garden with a beer.

Everything is so much better when it’s sunny.


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