Happy Penguins

Last week my photo blog of rainy Boscastle did little to lift the spirits during this run of torrential rain, so today I thought I’d post something a little more cheery.

If anything remained unfazed by the wet weather you’d think it would be a penguin, but apparently not so: penguins in Scarborough have reportedly become so depressed by our miserable weather they’ve had to be put on happy pills!

Rest assured that these penguins seemed cheery enough on a lovely day at Cotswold Wildlife Park back in September 2010.



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3 Responses to Happy Penguins

  1. janh1 says:

    Cute. I used to like the Cotswold Wildlife Park. My youngest tried to de-rail the train once.
    Is that red panda still high up the tree, I wonder? He was in the same place every visit. I reckon they glued a stuffed one up there.

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