The Joy of Unexpectedly Discovered Photographs

At the weekend I was rooting around in the back of an old, rarely used drawer when I came across some long forgotten photo envelopes. I paused in my rooting long enough to have a quick look, and before I knew it the weekend had vanished.

All of the photographs were from 2005, a period in my photography when I was still quite keen on taking photos, but obviously not so keen on putting them into albums.

Not so long before I was fanatical about putting my photos in albums: I insisted on the sort with inter-glassine leaves, where you had to faff about with photo corners to get your pictures mounted in them. It took forever, then whenever you looked through the album odd photos would detach from the corners and fling themselves suicidally from the album so you had to keep putting the damn things back in again.

Perhaps that’s why I went off the idea.

Of course things are so much easier now with digital photography: pictures are all neatly stored on the computer with categories, tags and captions so you can easily find them.

But do you ever bother?

The thing with digital photos is that you will never, in 10 years time, come upon them unexpectedly at the back of a drawer and be transported back in time. You lose that tactile experience of holding the photograph in your hand and reminiscing about times past.

It detracts from my argument somewhat to tell you that the reason that I lost so much of the weekend to these photos was that, having reminisced for a while, I set about uploading them to my computer…

The pictures were mostly of two holidays that we took that year: one to South America to visit friends who were living in Bogotá at the time and one, slightly closer to home and damper, to Northumberland.

Uploading the photos is still work in progress, and once done I may well write a whole blog to reminisce. Meanwhile here’s a picture from the cloud forests of Ecuador, which we visited for a long weekend!

Cloud Forest near Banos, Ecuador

Cloud Forest near Banos, Ecuador


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3 Responses to The Joy of Unexpectedly Discovered Photographs

  1. janh1 says:

    Ecuador! That must have been an adventure. More pics would be good! I was looking up Bolivian birds the other night and incredulous at just how many species there are.. something like 120 different humming birds alone. Ecuador can’t be much different.

    Dead right about the photos. The vast majority of digital images are only ever looked at once. Shame, really.

  2. Darrel Kirby says:

    Ecuador was brilliant – we stayed at an ‘adventure spa’ at the foot of an active volcano! Didn’t actually see that much wildlife, but the scenery was amazing. Sadly, as ever, my photos can’t do it justice.

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