It’s been more than 10 years now since I visited Egypt with my wife, as a belated honeymoon, and it remains one of the best holidays we’ve had. Cairo is an incredible city and, nestled amongst the chaos, the museum is stunning – to anyone with even the vaguest passing interest in Egypt’s history its exhibits are almost overwhelming in their age and majesty.

Generally I prefer the older history, but there is no denying that the haul retrieved from the tomb of the boy king Tutankamun, including this burial mask, is impressive – even more so when you consider that ‘King Tut’ was a relatively minor pharaoh who only ruled for ten years.

Tutankhamun means “living Image of Amun”, ankh being the Egyptian symbol for life and Amun being the patron deity of Thebes.

Cairo Museum - Tutankhamun


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2 Responses to Tutankhamun

  1. Jane Moore says:

    Did you see the ‘Secret History’ programme before Christmas on the mummy of Tutankhamun and why it was charred, badly preserved and why the tomb remained un-robbed whilst all the other royal tombs were? Fascinating stuff. Not sure whether you’d find it on catch up, but if it’s repeated, look out for it.

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