A Deeper Review of my 2013 Blogging

A couple of days ago I posted up the Annual Review of my blog for all to see. Since then I have had a closer look at the stats and they make interesting reading – to me at least.

On the whole it seems that my blog is on the up, albeit still not exactly taking off. I continue to believe that this is probably due to the fact that I am mostly talking about Gloucester, pubs or Gloucester pubs, which somewhat limits my audience.

As I have said before, I don’t really mind too much about getting huge numbers of readers, it is the act of blogging that I enjoy, but nonetheless I may look to branch out into more general themes for the New Year.

Blog Post Chart 1

I certainly did much more blogging in 2013 than previously: 104 posts vs. Just 48 in 2012 and 37 in 2011.

Admittedly some of this is down to my new initiative in 2013 to post very short blogs around a photograph from my archives, but even taking this into account I still managed to write more, with 64 ‘proper’ blogs during the year. In fact my ‘photo blogs’ tailed out as the year went on, but I will look to continue them into 2014.

Blog Post Chart 2

This increase in blogging was reflected in an increase in views, rising to 11,000 from 5,700 in 2012 and 3,700 in 2011.

However, the most viewed blog of the year was, as I feared, “Fighting Political Apathy” which I wrote in 2012 and probably fails to meet the hopes of those who find it – I wrote about this strange phenomenon earlier in the year. “Trouble on the Buses” coming in at number four is another that seems to benefit from search terms but I’m not sure what the searchers were hoping to find.

The second most viewed blog, however, was one that I was pleased with, about the Fleece Hotel in Westgate Street.

The third most viewed blog was also responsible for the most hits in one day: Mini Biker, one of my photo blogs. The success of this blog was almost entirely due to one of my kind readers posting it on Reddit, so if anyone wants to do that again, please be my guest! Sadly it just failed to generate the most daily hits of all time, getting 320 hits whereas last year I managed 321.

I still seem unable to generate much in the way of comments on my blog. My most commented was another of my favourites, Farewell to Gloucester Prison, which came in as 6th most viewed. My other blog on the prison, with photos from my visit, doesn’t seem to have done so well, which is a shame.

So, what does 2014 have to offer?

Well, I think I will continue with photo blogs as I come across suitable pictures in my archives and, as I said, I may seek to tackle broader subjects – perhaps more thoughts opinions on national as well as local news.

I am also thinking of trying to produce a monthly summary of things that have caught my eye over the preceding month – a mix of local, national and personal news. I’ll see how that goes.

Other than that, I suspect it will be just more of the same (and I promise this is the last introspective stats review of the year!).

I hope you’ll stick with me.


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4 Responses to A Deeper Review of my 2013 Blogging

  1. Darrel Kirby says:

    I took a couple of attempts to post this as I couldn’t work out how to incorporate Excel charts. If you are interested, this is how I did it – there may (must?) be easier ways, if so please let me know for future reference:
    1.Create Chart in MS Excel as usual
    2. Copy chart
    3. Paste Special -> JPEG
    4. Copy JPEG
    5. Open MS PowerPoint (PP)
    6. Paste JPEG into PP
    7. Right click JPEG in PP
    8. Save Picture As…
    9. Save JPEG image
    10. Insert into Blog as per any other JPG image.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Jane Moore says:

    Hi Darryl

    Only just started reading your blog in 2013 cos you talked about the Fountain Inn and my daughter, Liz and Ben, her partner have taken over the lease. I really look forward to reading your blog, don’t stop! I like your take on the supposed rivalry between Cheltenham and Gloucester, which I think is real but hyper enlarged by our local press and we should be trying to focus on the the pleasures inherent in both. Hope to meet you at Fountain one night! Jane

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      Hi Jane, thanks for commenting, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I get in the Fountain now and then, so maybe we will meet sometime!

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