Prescott Bike Festival is an annual event designed to “celebrate the diversity of 2 & 3 wheels”. It is a bike show, with stands and stalls selling motorcycle-related products, there are food and drink stands and a live band.

However, the event is held at the home of the Prescott Speed Hill Climb, so this is all just a back-drop to a constant stream of vehicles ‘running the hill’. The people braving their lives and reputation to ride at frightening speeds up that twisty track aren’t professional – or even necessarily committed amateur – hill climbers: they are just visitors to the show.

And the nutters brave souls who do it do so on all kinds of machines, and they come in all shapes and sizes, as demonstrated by this mini-biker.

The next Prescott Bike Festival is April 6 2014.

Picture previously seen in Prescott Bike Festival 2013

Give me an ahhh...


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