LLanthony Priory

Llanthony Priory

Llanthony Priory is tucked away in the South West corner of Gloucester, sandwiched between the modern Gloucester College building and a rather unattractive industrial area.

The priory is more properly called Llanthony Secunda, and its origins lie in the Augustinian priory at Llanthony in the Black Mountains of Wales. In 1137 by Miles (or Milo) of Gloucester, provided them some land to build a priory in memory of his father, hence the original priory became Llanthony Prima.

The building shown here was part of the west range, separating the outer and inner precincts.  The original single storey building had a timber second storey added in the sixteenth century, and the obviously newer section on the far end is a Victorian farmhouse built onto it where a gateway originally passed through into the inner precinct.

The ruins of the south range and the fourteenth or fifteenth century stone tithe barn can also still be seen on the site.


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