Give me an F

F - The letter that started it all off.

This is a picture of the letter F. I found it on the side of a cannon on the battlements of Castillo de Santa Barbara in Alicante, Spain in 2011. It wasn’t a big F – the disc was probably about the size of a 50 pence piece – but I found it a pleasing close-up image of textures with the rusty steel and weathered wood.

However, with this single image a photographic challenge was born: to capture all of the letters of the alphabet. I was really inspired during the holiday but, sadly, once I returned home my enthusiasm waned and, although I have added a few more letters to my collection since then, I haven’t done so for a long time and it remains incomplete.

Perhaps it is time to dust off the camera and re-invigorate the challenge. Or maybe I’ll wait until spring…

Previously seen in: A to Z Photography Challenge


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