Reflections on Gloucester Day

Reflections in a tuba

Last weekend we celebrated Gloucester Day

Gloucester Day is actually 5 September and commemorates the lifting of the Siege of Gloucester in the Civil War in 1643, when the city successfully stood against the King.

Gloucester Day was a national holiday until the restoration of the monarchy when, perhaps understandably, they put a stop to it. It has been resurrected in recent years, with an annual parade through the streets, and our current monarch doesn’t seem to mind too much.

The same couldn’t be said about Charles II when he came back to the throne: he was mightily peeved. He knocked down the walls around the city and reduced its boundaries. This left Barton outside the city, so they created their own mayor, largely to poke fun at Gloucester’s official officials.

This tradition still exists and the parade for the Mock Mayor of Barton now takes place on the same day as the Gloucester Day parade.

This is actually the first year I haven’t managed to get along to these great fun parades, so here’s a picture from last year showing a reflection in some wind instrument – possibly a tuba – when the band were stopped outside the Old Bell.


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