Cornish Surfers

As the weather finally turns more spring-like it seems appropriate to start thinking about heading toward the beach.

The sea has a strong lure for my wife, so we have to venture to the coast from time to time so that she can get her fix. One of her preferred locations is Cornwall, and this is where we found ourselves in September 2010. Taking a drive around the coast, we came upon a small place called Crackington Haven, where we stopped for a cup of tea near the small beach. It was not a warm day (it rarely seems to be when we are in Cornwall!) but that didn’t stop these hardy souls from venturing into the frigid sea with their surfboards.

See: A few Days Away at Home

Surfers heading into the sea


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2 Responses to Cornish Surfers

  1. Russ says:

    Can I be a pedant and point out that only one of those is a surf board and that might be a swell-type board.

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