Gloucester Pub Research Re-Visited

As part of my research when writing The Story of Gloucester’s Pubs I set out to visit all of the pubs that were open in the city at the time – research is hell!

This research took place throughout 2009 and was conducted in a series of pub crawls. I don’t like drinking alone, so I invited my friends to join me – a difficult job as you might imagine. There were 8 pub crawls in all, and I was joined by a different and diverse set of friends on each. It was their job to help me assess the pubs and, should I become tired and emotional from the exertion of all that research, to carry me home. You can read details of our exploits on my web page.

I can’t believe that it’s more than three years since I finished that last research pub crawl – it feels like high time I did it again.

Many of the pubs that I visited on these trips are now firm favourites – some were already of course – and some I have never visited since. Much has happened in that time – pubs have come and gone (and in some cases come back again), landlords have changed.

So, my excuse for re-running my ‘research’ is partly to bring myself back up to date on the Gloucester pub scene, but mostly just because I miss the excuse to visit pubs that I don’t normally go to.

And so I have once again been in touch with my friends to see if I can twist some arms and get them to come out drinking with me again.

I won’t be writing a book this time, it will just be for fun – though no doubt it will form the basis of some blogging.

The list of pubs is shown below. Last time there were 51 pubs to visit now there are only 45, and the South route has become unviable as a pub crawl as it only has 2 pubs left in it.

Stay tuned for news of progress…

Route/ last visited 2009 2013
Rugby Pelican * Pelican
(3 Jan 2009) Dean’s Walk Dean’s Walk
Coach & Horses * Coach & Horses ???
White Hart/ Teagues Bar White Hart/ Teagues Bar
Queen’s Head Queen’s Head
Kingsholm Inn Kingsholm Inn
Station Hotel Station Hotel
7 7
Docks Fosters on the Docks Fosters on the Docks
(7 Feb 2009) Inn on the Docks Closed
New High Orchard
Baker Street Baker Street
Nelson Nelson
Tall Ship Tall Ship
Whitesmiths Whitesmiths
6 6
East Fusion Closed Closed
(14 Mar 2009) Sloanes Voltage
Water Poet Water Poet
Butlers Butlers
Zest Zest
Bar H2O Bar H2O
New Liberty
Famous Pint Pot Famous Pint Pot
7 8
Centre New Inn New Inn
(28 Mar 2009) Old Bell Old Bell
Cross Keys Cross Keys
Robert Raikes Robert Raikes
Cafe Rene Cafe Rene
5 5
Barton & Tredworth Duke of Wellington Closed
(18 April 2009) Victory Victory
New Victory New Victory
Golden Heart Closed
Plough Plough
India House Closed
Great Western Great Western
One Eyed Jacks One Eyed Jacks
8 5
West Pig Inn the City Closed
(27 June 2009) Dick Whittington Dick Whittington
Old Crown Old Crown
Westgate Westgate
Fountain Fountain
Union Union
6 5
South Avenue Avenue
(18 July 2009) Bristol Hotel Closed
Seymour Closed
Linden Tree Linden Tree
4 2
North Closed York House
(14 Nov 2009) England’s Glory England’s Glory
Vaults Closed
Imperial Imperial
Varsity Abbey
Regal Regal
Chambers Chambers
6 6
Odds Priory Priory
Park End Closed
2 1
Grand Total 51 45
* = closed at time of pub crawl but visited later

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