Naples – Umberto I Gallery

Toward the end of last year I finally managed to finish my series of blogs on the cruise holiday that I took in 2011. I think I have now left it a decent time before revisiting some of the many photos that I took.

This picture was taken in Naples, where we stopped on 31 October 2011. Our initial impression of the city was not particularly favourable: it was chaotic, crowded and choked with traffic. We fought our way through the packed streets and found somewhere for a lunchtime snack. Leaving the cafe, down a narrow, busy street just like all the others, we glanced to our left to see an amazing structure. This, it turned out, was the Umberto I Gallery: an incredibly impressive and ornate shopping precinct. We weren’t too interested in the shopping, but were sufficiently awed by the architecture.

Previously seen in – Cruise Holiday Part 6: Pompeii & Naples

Umberto I Gallery


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