Jack Duckworth and the Art of Spectacle Maintenance.

Today I discovered new respect for Jack Duckworth.

If there are any younger readers out there who don’t know who Jack Duckworth is, let me explain. When I last watched Coronation Street, which I’m pleased to say was a very long time ago, Jack Duckworth was one of the main characters. He was identifiable by the fact that his glasses were permanently held together by a sticking plaster.

Well, today I broke my glasses, and let me tell you that’s not as easy as it looks.

I was at work when it happened. In an idle moment (not that I have many of those!) I was fiddling with my glasses trying to effect a small adjustment to their shape, as you do. Suddenly, horror of horrors: SNAP. And there I was with two independent halves of a pair of glasses, split asunder at the nose bridge.


My workplace is not replete with the critical tools at a time like this: superglue or, better yet, some solder. Not even a Jack Duckworth-esque sticking plaster. No, all I had was a roll of sellotape.

So I did my best to bodge together a repair. Let me tell you, it was neither elegant nor robust, but thankfully it held together just long enough to enable me to drive into Cheltenham to my optician where, as luck would have it, my new pair of glasses, ordered a week ago, had just arrived.

Not just a pair of glasses mind you – a pair of varifocals. Seems I’m getting old as well as clumsy.



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