St Oswald’s Priory

St Oswald’s Priory is impressively historic. It is not easy to stumble upon for the average tourist, being tucked away at the end of Archdeacon Street, not far from the busy St Oswald’s Road. It is worth seeking out though, not least because it is very close to the Pelican, so you can get a decent pint whilst you’re there.

Okay, so there’s not much of it left, but St Oswald’s Priory is the oldest standing building in Gloucester. It dates from around AD890, when it was founded by Aethelflaed, the daughter of Alfred the Great and wife of Aethelred, the Lord of Mercia. Impressive lineage, huh?

Unfortunately, by the time of the Norman Conquest it had already fallen on hard times and it was ruinous by the time of the dissolution. The only reason that this wall remains is that some enterprising chap built a series of outhouses and sheds up against it.

In recent times it has been renovated and now stands in a rather nice small park. I took this picture way back in 1992 using Fujichrome slide film, which I scanned in using a film scanner – a great tool for giving new life to my old photographs.

If you want to know more about St Oswald’s Priory, check out The Story of Gloucester.

St Oswalds Priory at Night


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