A Snowy Cotswold Journey

A436 between Andoversford and Seven SpringsIt is not often that I have to travel for work, but today was one of those days. The snow of earlier in the week had subsided, so there was no need to cancel – I hopped into my hire car and set off at around 0730 this morning.

My journey took me up into the Cotswolds and it quickly became apparent that things had been very different up there than down in balmy Gloucester: the snow still lay thickly across the fields. As the altitude increased the temperature dropped down to -2° and the trees were coated in a picturesque thick icing of snow and frost.

On the way out I had little time to admire the scenery: I had a meeting to get to. I also made some rather, …erm, unwise route decisions. My usual route through the lesser Cotswold roads proved more than usually interesting and I feared that I was either going to arrive very late or put the car into a hedge and not get there at all. However, they say there is nowhere that you can go in a 4×4 that you can’t take a determinedly driven hire car, and in the end my tenacity prevailed and I arrived unscathed and on time to my meeting.

The meeting finished early leaving me plenty of time to make my way home, so now I could admire the scenery. I was kicking myself for not having my SLR with me, but it is probably a good job that I didn’t or I may never have got home. They say that the best camera is the one you have with you (I don’t know who ‘they ‘ are, but they are very wise!) and I did have my smart phone, so made a couple of pit stops on route to grab some snaps. Of course, safe stopping places, especially in the snow, are few and far between and never in the right place.

The camera gave many of the pictures a strange blue cast, which I have done my best to neutralise in Photoshop. They are not the world’s best photos, but they give you a flavour of the majesty of the winter-wonderland scene before it all disappears in the rain forecast for the weekend.


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