The Roving Crows #2

Having blogged a photo of the Roving Crows yesterday, I was delighted when a friend told me that they are once again performing the “Crow’s Paddy’s Day Extravaganza” at the Gloucester Guildhall on Saturday 16th March – I will be getting my ticket! To celebrate, here is another Roving Crows picture, this time of the very lovely Caitlin Barrett when they played at the Gloucester Quays Garden Party last April, not long after their last St Patrick’s Day concert at the Guildhall. Not just a pretty face, she also plays a pretty mean fiddle, winning the Irish Music Association’s ‘Top Fiddle Player’ award in 2012 – the same year that The Roving Crows won ‘Top Celtic Rock Band’. Crow ‘n’ Roll as they say…

Caitlin Barrett, the Roving Crows' fiddle-player extraordinaire


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