Colourful Dereliction

Where Gloucester Quay’s stand today was High Orchard Street: situated adjacent to the Docks it was once the heart of industrial Gloucester. With the waning of the canals the area fell into disrepair and more recently it was home to many small businesses occupying ramshackle corrugated sheds held together by rust and spray paint. They appeared to escape imminent collapse only because gravity seemed to have been distracted and looked away for the moment. This was one such business premises, photographed in July 2007 before redevelopment commenced.

Colourful Dereliction


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3 Responses to Colourful Dereliction

  1. janh1 says:

    How odd. I took myself down to High Orchard Street for a little photoshoot when they started building the Quays development! 🙂 I love a bit of romantic dereliction and I needed to capture it before it all went. I used to think High Orchard Street would have been such a brilliant set for a Sweeney-style car chase.

    I’ll post my pics on my blog, if I can find them. You’ll recognise them all, no doubt! 😀

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