Movember Madness

It’s November: thoughts turn to the onset of winter, misty mornings, Guy Fawkes and bonfires. The observant amongst you may also notice that the month brings with it an unusual increase in the number of moustaches being proudly worn around the place – and all in the name of charity, for this is the month of Movember.

Moustaches are strange things: beards make sense, they mean you don’t have to shave, but moustaches, if anything, make remaining otherwise clean shaven more important to better show off your hirsute top lip.  Nonetheless, they used to be all the rage – with men anyway, I think women have generally always shunned them. In more recent years, however, they have become somewhat less fashionable, in the UK at least.

But, for one month only, the popularity returns as Movember encourages men from all over the world to risk itchiness and ridicule in an attempt to grow a manly moustache over 30 days to raise money and awareness for men’s health charities, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Men are way behind the women here – they have been raising awareness and money for women’s health charities for ages with things like the Race for Life. Finally now the men are catching up, and the good thing is that growing a moustache is a far less strenuous activity than running.

Movember began in Melbourne, Australia in 2004 and by 2007 it had gone international. You sign up to become a Mo Bro and must begin the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven face. For the entire month each Mo Bro must grow and groom a moustache, supported by the women in his life – the Mo Sistas.

According to the Movember website, “In 2011, over 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world got on board, raising GBP 79.3 million”. That’s pretty impressive.

I have not participated in Movember before. I did attempt to grow a moustache once, for a stag do, but it was a poor, feeble affair and was not popular with the wife. Nonetheless, in a good cause, I decided to give it another go. It is now more than half way through the month, or the ‘point of Mo return’, and my moustache is at least now clearly visible. It is growing reasonably in length but is somewhat lacking in thickness, density and general lustre.

Hopefully by the end of the month it will look something like a decent moustache, and I’ll have raised a few quid to make it all worthwhile. So, if you see me in the next couple of weeks, remember: it is perfectly okay to laugh at my moustache, but it is only polite to pay for the privilege first!

If you too are growing a Mo – good luck to you. If you’re not, then find someone who is and give them some cash. If you don’t know anyone, I would be delighted to receive your generosity at

Day 5: pre-shave

Day 5: enough stubble to work out where the Mo should be: time to shave and reveal the Mo!

Day 5: the Mo revealed

Day 5: The Mo revealed – no loud noises, you might scare it! I need to point or you might miss it.

Day 12

Day 12: There was great excitement amongst lepidopterists this week following rumours of the discovery of a new type of caterpillar…

Tom Selleck as Magnum PI

What I’m aiming to achieve as modelled by Tom Selleck as Magnum PI

Big Mo

Perhaps taking things just a tad too far


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4 Responses to Movember Madness

  1. janh1 says:

    Hey,you’re going all Poirot! 🙂 Good going Hercule…

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      Thanks Jan – Poirot is better than ‘sex offender’ which is how the style has been otherwise described!

  2. janh1 says:

    So how’d it go? I’m all primed here to make a donation but haven’t see the final pic…#sexoffender #poirot #whoknows?

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      Hi Jan, sadly I think the final look was a combination of all of those, but general consensus seemed to be Mario – you missed the FB profile that a kind ‘friend’ provided for me! The final triumphant mo can be seen at and a donation would be most welcome, thanks! Somewhat remiss of me not to post on Twitter.

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