The Union Jack, a Flag for Pageants and Pedants

The Union JackAs the jubilee rapidly approaches we are surrounded by bunting proudly displaying our national flag in a rare and most un-British display of patriotism. But as I gaze upon all of these flags I got to thinking that the Union Jack must be fairly unique in its capacity to instil the very British display of pedantry as much as pageantry.

For a start, our flag is deceptively complicated. It looks relatively simple to the untrained eye, but to the pedant there are many ways in which it can be incorrectly rendered. If you want to avoid giving these pedants the smug satisfaction of pointing out your errors, check out how to do it properly here.

The other cause of pedantry is its name. I regularly hear that you shouldn’t refer to it as the Union Jack unless it is flown at sea. Furthermore, in fact, only then if it is flown from the jackstaff. I am pleased to report that these pedants seem to be wrong – if you want to out-pedant the pedants check out the explanation here.

So, fly the Union Jack with pride during this long weekend: enjoy the jubilee and tell the pedants exactly where they can stick their criticisms.


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