Rape in the Cotswolds

Today we got a rare glimpse of that elusive glowing sphere in the sky which I believe is known as the sun. Since it seems that this happy state of affairs is not going to last for long I decided it was an excellent opportunity to combine two of my hobbies: get out for a ride on my bike and take my camera with me.

Recently everywhere seems to have become swathed in yellow as vast acres of rapeseed fields come into bloom, and it was this that I predominantly wanted to try to capture. I wasn’t really sure where to go to get the pictures but I figured if I headed out into the Cotswolds I would be bound to come across some suitable scenery.

I decided to ride out towards Stow on the Wold as it is quite a nice ride and not too far should the weather take a turn for the worst. For a bit of variety I headed out along the B4068 and came back on the A436, and they didn’t disappoint, offering up several photo opportunities each.

When I got back I thought I would just take a little ride out along Brockworth Lane to Badgeworth, where I knew there were some good rape fields, and it was actually here, right on my doorstep, where I got some of the better pictures.

The pictures aren’t going to win any prizes, but it was a great way to spend the afternoon.


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