A Nice Bank Holiday Ride to a Great Pub

The Lamb, MarlboroughHaving just got back into motorcycling, a Bank Holiday weekend calls for a nice ride out on the bike. We therefore crossed our fingers for a dry day and arranged to meet up with friends in a pub. One set of friends live locally, the others in Surrey, so we agreed to meet half way and chose Marlborough. None of us were familiar with the town, so our selection of pub was based on a trawl of the internet.

I have written before about my concerns over the type of pubs you find in rural settings – my moans were specifically about the Cotswolds, but I feared things in genteel Marlborough may not be very different. My internet trawl did not disappoint – everywhere looked very nice, but very posh. Pictures of food beautifully arranged on the plate for high prices filled my heart with despair.

One pub looked worthy of further investigation though: The Lamb Inn on The Parade, so we booked up.

We parked up our bikes in some convenient nearby parking spaces and headed into the pub, bundled up in leathers, boots and helmets. The lady behind the bar couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming and she showed us straight to our table. The pub was small, cosy and already reasonably full of what looked like regulars. It was a real pub, selling real beer (of which, sadly, I could not imbibe due to the need to ride home – they also do accommodation though, which was a tempting proposition!).

We all ordered the Sunday Roast, which arrived perfectly cooked on a plate heaped with meat, beautifully crisp roasties and plentiful and varied veg. The deserts also went down a treat – especially the hot chocolate with sponge fingers. I don’t do puddings, but they barely batted an eye at my peculiar habit of having a starter for desert.

So, a great real pub; friendly, attentive staff and superb food – it may be 50 miles away, but I suspect we will be back!


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