Illness and Contentment

This week I have been ill. Before anyone incurs my wrath by mentioning ‘man flu’, let me reassure you that I have been properly poorly: the kind of thing that would stop even the most robust ox in his tracks and would have a lesser man arranging for last rites to be read. During this period I have, therefore, not surprisingly, spend an unusual amount of time in bed feeling sorry for myself. For a good amount of this time I have been kept company by our cat, Scud, who has been happy to fulfil the role of hot water bottle, curled up at my feet.

Thankfully, this morning the fever which has gripped me for the past several days subsided. The big scary dude with the scythe has withdrawn; the World Health Organisation can come down from its high alert status; I think I’m going to live.  So, beginning to feel more human once again, I was able to drag my still-aching body from my bed at a more reasonable hour for some breakfast and a bit of light pottering around the house. Scud, however, stalwartly retained his position on the bed.

When I returned to the bedroom a short while later the sun was shining in through the window, the first opportunity it had had following several days of closed curtains, and Scud was led at full stretch in the sunshine with his head hanging off the end of the bed looking as contented as any creature has the right to be.

I was feeling sufficiently well to grab my camera to record the moment. Seeing me, Scud stretched in such a contented manner that he over-reached himself and fell off the bed. He did that thing that cats do in such moments: licked himself, looked at me as if to say “I meant to do that”, then leapt back up to resume the pose so I could get my shot.

Enjoy the look of a contented cat: it made me feel better.


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7 Responses to Illness and Contentment

  1. janh1 says:

    Aww, Scud is gorgeous. Aren’t they just great company? You can’t fail to feel relaxed with a stretchy cat around the place – well maybe you aren’t taking much notice if you have pneumonia. I don’t like the sound of what you’ve had but I’m glad you’re over it, D!

    ps: You didn’t come off that bike, did you?

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      Scud is gorgeous sometimes when he’s not being a total pest!
      Illness was thankfully not as bad as pneumonia – some kind of flu/ chest infection thing. Definitely not motorcycle related, but will probably keep me off it for a while.

      • janh1 says:

        I’m wondering if Scud is so-called because he comes through the catflap like a missile, rather like Fat Lily does here?!

        Glad it wasn’t pneumonia and get well soon! You can only milk it for so long… 🙂

      • Darrel Kirby says:

        We got Scud from Teckles animal shelter and he was already named. The wife wanted to rename him, but after a couple of days of him rocketing about the place decided it was apt!

        Milking it for as long as I can get away with it. Or until the wife goes down with it…

      • janh1 says:

        Realistic, at least… I hope she doesn’t! 🙂

  2. Caz says:

    Totally sympathise Darrel – Neil’s had the exact same thing this week. Lucy has been taking care of him, though I think she hogged the hot water bottle most of the time 🙂

    • Darrel Kirby says:

      THey shouldn’t be hogging the hot water bottle – cats should BE the hot water bottle!

      Hope Neil’s well soon – I only actually thought I was dying for 3-4 days, rapidly recovering now (though of course still very ill and in need of all the sympathy I can get!)

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