Happy 2012!

So that was Christmas, I hope you had fun…

I am pleased to report that I had an excellent Christmas and New Year. After last year’s Worst Christmas Ever due to everybody being properly ill, that was something of a relief.

It was a perfect mix of Christmas Eve partying with friends, a quiet Christmas Day with family, then back partying with friends again for New Year. Too much food, too much to drink, all in the company of great people: exactly as it should be.

Also, before Christmas I had a couple of excellent nights out at the Guildhall. The Guildhall is a brilliant venue for bands, but I’m sad to say I don’t get there often enough. Before Christmas, however, I went twice in a week: to see the Beat, then the Roving Crows; both excellent. If you missed the Roving Crows they’re back in March – St Patrick’s Day – I recommend it to you!

Another highlight of the pre-Christmas period was the completion of my latest book: Gloucester Then and Now. Well, I say completion. What I mean is I completed my first draft and got it in the post to my publisher. There will now be rounds of proof reading, editing, etc, but the hard work is mostly done. Look out for it in the shops around summer – no doubt I will remind you!

Except for the aforementioned finishing up on Gloucester Then and Now I intend to take a year off from writing now – drag myself away from the computer and actually get out there and have fun.

No doubt I will continue my informal research of Gloucester’s fine pubs though and, hopefully, I will still find time for the odd blog.

Have a happy, healthy and fun 2012.


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2 Responses to Happy 2012!

  1. janh1 says:

    Happy New Year Darrel! I hope you will have time to blog and good luck with Glawster Then and Now. No doubt your strenuous pub researches will continue. 😉

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