Christmas Spirit

I recently returned from a short trip to America: land of the free, home of the brave, etc. It is also a place where many people take their Christianity very seriously.

Just how seriously they take it was brought home to me shortly after arriving. I was in the lift of my hotel, heading for my room, when a small group of young women got in. One, an attractive girl-next-door type in her mid-twenties was enthusiastically talking about her involvement with her church.

“It’s really busy right now,” she said, “with advent just started there are lots of people coming along who don’t usually go to church.”

“That’s great,” said one of her equally girl-next-door friends, “do you have your nativity scene sorted out yet?”

“Almost,” replied the first girl, “but the baby Jesus hasn’t turned up yet. If he doesn’t arrive soon I’m going to break someone’s neck.”

It made me feel all Christmassy….


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    At this time of year you need a festive tale. Unfortunately I don’t have one this year, so here’s a reblog of one from 2011. You know those nice, smaltzy, feel-good stories you normally get around Christmas? Well this isn’t one of those…

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